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Category: Android

Creating and Running first Android app

To start working on our very first Android App projects you need android SDK and an IDE. As long as you have android SDK and an IDE which can be configured to work with that SDK you are good to go. The two most used IDEs are Eclipse with ADT bundle which was officially supported IDE for long time. But since the inception of Android Studio it has replaced the eclipse as official IDE for android development. This entire series will assume the use of Android Studio for working for android project. Android Studio can be downloaded from Android Developer website via

Basics of Java for Android Development

Android App development relies on Java language to build Apps. We will learn Java programming language only with android development context. Complete Java tutorial is out this post’s scope, in this tutorial, you’ll get a brief introduction of the Java fundamentals, OOP concepts and few more. This post assumes you understand programming basic. This post will provide you constructs and principles that are commonly used in Java and Android development. Lets get started with Java for Android.